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Who am I?

I have been doing beautiful hair for over 20 years. 

Hairdresser with heart space, professionalism, and sustainability in the forefront

At Salon Belinda and Lilli, you feel comfortable the moment you walk in the door. We have a relaxed and cordial atmosphere, so you can safely sit back in the chair and let us be picky about you and your hair.

Sustainable and gentle products

At Belinda and Lilli, we use sustainable products for our treatments. Dye, bleaching powder, and permanent liquid are free of ammonia. Our styling products and shampoos are vegan without sulfate, parabens, and mineral oils. That is why our treatments are gentle on the environment and your hair.

Reasonable prices

Everyone should be able to afford to go to the hairdresser. That is why our prices are reasonable, where everyone can use our services. Then you can give your hair a refresh as soon as the need arises and wave goodbye to worn curls and outgrowths.

We stay constantly updated on current trends and techniques and improve our skills through courses. Our high professionalism is also reflected in our wide range of services, special treatments and courses. We perform all types of haircuts and treatments from keratin treatment and nanoplastic treatment to permanent curls and hair botox.

Helps others get into the hairdressing profession

Nana started Salon Belinda and Lilli in 2004.

The salon is named after Nana's two children, Belinda and Lilli. Her great passion is to help others get into the hairdressing profession.

Nana experienced that as a new Dane, it was difficult to get into the hairdressing school, which, i.a., requires that you master the Danish language at the 9th-grade of school level and get an apprenticeship.

Today, Salon Belinda and Lilli offers, i.a., a preparatory course for the hairdressing school, which is especially aimed at new Danes who want to strengthen their Danish-language and hairdressing skills and later get an apprenticeship. The help that Nana herself wanted to be able to get then, she now gives to others. Nana is also part of a salon community, which in addition to Salon Belinda and Lilli in Hårlev. You can, therefore, also book an appointment in Hårlev on this page.

We look forward to welcoming you with smiles and a team of hairdressers who know their stuff.

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