AMEND – a hair care manufacturer founded in 1994 in Brazil. They broke into our market with new products and immediately won customers' hearts.  

The product is of good quality without compromise and with natural ingredients, and they show excellent results on both curly and straight hair.


Amend Millenar Moroccan Oil Line 

Advanced technology for dry hair. 

The line's products are enriched with Moroccan oil and Tamarind ingredients, which provide moisture, care, and intense nourishment. It gives a glossy effect and restores elasticity.

Amend Extreme Repair Line

For hair that has been weakened or damaged by chemical treatments. 

A high concentration of regenerating active ingredients and black pearl extract which protects hair color and restores hair health.

Recommended for stressed and bleached hair.

 Amend Luxe Creations Blonde Care Line 

Restores the moisture balance in the hair. 

Revitalizes damaged hair and eliminates hair porosity.

Rebuilds lost amino acids and protects the hair color, adding shine and smoothness.

Silicone, sulfate,  and paraben free.

Amend Cachos Line

For curly hair

A mixture of oils moisturizes the hair, and the curls appear shiny and soft. 

Protects against UV rays.

 Amend Botanic Beauty (White Line)

Nourishing series for weak and fine hair. Monoi oil, rosemary, and ginger extract restore the hair's health, strength, and elasticity. 

Silicone, sulfate, dye, and paraben free.

Amend Botanic Beauty (Green Line)

The power of nature works against dry and porous hair.

The hair retains moisture with the help of Moringa oil and jasmine extract which leaves it intensely smooth.

Silicone, sulfate, and paraben free.

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