Davroe: What is the curly girl-method?

Posted by Nana Ramochi on

The few key points of the method concern the exclusion of these ingredients:

1. Do not use ingredients that accumulate on the hair or require “harsh” soaps or surfactants to remove them. Here we are thinking of the typical silicones that accumulate on the hair but can also include several other ingredients, such as wax and mineral oils, which one can avoid to the extent that one chooses to follow this method. CGM does not use sulfates to remove these products.

2. Do not wash your hair too often with traditional shampoos that can dry out or remove the surface of the hair through surfactants, such as sulfates. It may also include avoiding using of surfactants that are traditionally considered gentle in the hair care industry. The reason for this difference of opinion stems from the fact that Curly Girls do not use products that accumulate on the hair and therefore only need a very gentle wash to cleanse and refresh the hair, instead of using cleansing substances whose purpose is to remove product residues, styling products, silicones, waxes, etc.

3. Moisture, moisture, moisture! This method values ​​the scalp's natural oils and focuses heavily on adding moisture to naturally coarse or dry hair. Another reason why dehydrating ingredients, such as dehydrating alcohols and cleansers, are completely avoided.


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