Jungle Fever Keep Phyto Shampoo Reconstruction Shampoo 250 ml

Jungle Fever

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RECONSTRUCTION SHAMPOO restructures and revitalizes dry, frail, and brittle hair. Formulated with a unique blend of Vegetable Keratin which, in synergy with Sugars and Amino Acids, helps to restructure the hair. In addition, it is enriched with Argan Oil, which brightens and nourishes intensely and makes the hair incredibly soft, silky, giving it a healthier and stronger look.

The precious Keep Phyto Reconstruction line by Jungle Fever contains a mix of unique ingredients based on Keratin, Amino Acids and Proteins, necessary for reconstruction of brittle and dehydrated hair, damaged by heat, chemical treatments, or atmospheric agents. The line consists of a Reconstruction Shampoo, Mask and Fluid: the 3 steps allow you to repair damaged hair that immediately regain a stronger and healthier look.

The shampoo does not contain sulfates and silicones.

USE: apply to damp hair from roots to ends and massage. Rinse, repeat if necessary.