EVOQUE Nano Titanium Straightener


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A professional straightener with titanium plates designed for salon use.

The straightener with nano titanium helps smooth the hair and shield it from the high heat so that the hair becomes more shiny and glossy.

Available in two variants: with narrow and broad plates. Temperature – 50-232 Cº.

How to use:

 * Press the button marked '⌽' and hold it for 1 second to turn it on.

 * To select a heat setting that suits your hair type, press the '+' or '-' button and toggle between the '+' and '-' buttons until the desired heat setting is selected. 

* The indicator '🔒' shows panel blocking. To unlock, press the center of the sensor panel and swipe from top to bottom.

* To change the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa, simultaneously press the '+' and '-' buttons.

* If you do not touch the touch panel for a few minutes, the straightener will go into sleep mode, the SLP – Sleep Mode indicator will light up, and the straightener will turn off.  When the panel is touched, the temperature rises again.

* During work, it is important to ensure that the hand grips the panel correctly.

* To turn off the straightener, press the '⌽' button  in unlocked mode.

Flat iron care:

Cleaned in switched-off mode when the panels have cooled down.

Carefully clean the panels with cotton pads with alcohol, and clean the air openings of dirt and dust. Do not scratch.Never wash the straightener with water.