BaByliss Velvet Orchid 235 hair straightener


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Straighteners with tourmaline contain small crystals. These crystals contain minerals that help straighten the hair out and shield against high heat. Smoothing tourmaline-ceramic plates give an effortless glide for a sleek and lasting finish.

Longer plates can style larger sections at one time for fast styling, while 6 digital heat settings provide enhanced heat protection for all hair types.  Automatic multi-voltage ensures top performance at home or when traveling.

 SWITCH ACTIVATION CONTROL IMPORTANT. This straightener features delayed activation control.  Immediately after turning on the straightener, you can adjust the temperature settings.  After 5 seconds of the straightener turning on, the temperature buttons will automatically lock.  To change any heat settings, hold down the ‘+’ or ‘-’ for 2 seconds; this will deactivate the lock mode and allow the settings to be changed.  To turn off the appliance while in lock mode, hold down the button marked ‘I/0’ for 1 second until the unit switches off.


 * Comb through dry hair and divide it into sections.

 * Simple press the button marked ‘I/0’ to switch it on.

 * To select a heat setting suitable for your hair type, hold down the ‘+’ or ‘-’ button for 2 seconds and switch between the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons until desired heat setting is selected.  Please note The appliance will automatically be set to 205°C, and the red indicator lights will blink until the temperature has been reached. Once the temperature has been reached, the indicator lights will remain solid in color.

 * Take a section of hair and place it between the plates, close to the roots.

 * Hold the hair firmly between the plates and slide down the length of the hair, from root to tip.

 * Repeat as necessary.

 * Allow the hair to cool before combing.

 * After use, hold down the button marked ‘I/0’ for 1 second to switch off and unplug the appliance.

 * Allow cooling before storing the appliance away.

 NOTE: It has a USA power plug with three-pin and requires an adapter US til EU.