21VENTUNO Ultra Lift Dust Free Bleaching Powder 10 Tones Silver 500 g - 6 pcs.


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This product must always be mixed with 21VENTUNO Oxidant 3%, 6%, 9%, or 12%, which can be purchased separately.

The mixing ratios are 1: 2 and can vary to 1: 2.5 and more.

New formulation designed to offer a lightening system with unique performance, thanks to the synergy of Taurine with the Silver Pigment, stable during activation, it is able to lighten up to 10 TONES in perfect safety, turning off the unwanted yellow reflection.
Taurine enhances the development of active oxygen formation which lightens the keratin structure without stressing it.
ZERO: perfume, parabens, propylene glycol, clay.

This is a professional product, chemicals, and therefore, it is important to have the correct information before getting started.

Belindaoglilli disclaims all responsibility for any unexpected events related to the use of bleaching powder.