21VENTUNO Perfumed Oxidizing Cream 1000 ml


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Oxidizing Cream should always be used with the 21VENTUNO colors, for bleaching, lightening, and toning.

The Perfumed Oxidizing Cream mixed with Line 21 color allows you to obtain total coverage of white hair and a uniform and long-lasting color. Designed also to be used with Line 21 bleaching powders. The fragrance makes it pleasant to use the product, which is available in 5 formulations: 5, 10, 20, 30, and 40 Volumes. The highly creamy texture allows obtaining a compact blend with the color or bleaching powder.
• Tauplex protects and nourishes the hair during application.
• The color develops evenly for optimal coverage of gray hair.
• Guarantees uniform and long-lasting color.

This is a professional product that is chemicals, and therefore it is important to have the correct information before you get started.

Belindaoglilli disclaims all responsibility for any adverse events associated with oxidants.