21VENTUNO Professional Hair Color Kit - Permanent Cosmetic 60 ml


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The professional hair color kit is a latest hypoallergenic generation color line for hair coloring at home.

Designed to meet the new needs of the consumer, it differs from any color on the market thanks to an ecological, sustainable, vegan and safe formulation that includes countless innovations.

Linea 21 Express 10 minutes is composed by 16 perfectly calibrated, ultra fast and non-progressive shades, , that unleash the power of concentrated pigments in just ten minutes.

The Kit contains: color tub 60 ml, 6% (20 vol.) Oxidant 60 ml, post color shampoo 15 ml, post color restructuring mask 15 ml, velvety hair serum 5 ml.



Wear suitable gloves. Use a color brush to apply the mixture to dry hair and leave it for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, then wash your hair with an After Color Shampoo and an After Color Mask. Rinse and continue with the desired hairstyle.


Maximum coverage of gray hair, vibrant and bright results. A perfect color is achieved, and the hair becomes extremely shiny.