21VENTUNO - 10 Minutes Express ZERO% 120 ml - 51 pcs. in package


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Hair color 21 Express 10 minutesis a latest hypoallergenic generation color line.

This product must always be mixed with 21VENTUNO Oxidant 1.5%, 3%, 6%, 9%, or 12%, which can be purchased separately.

The mixing ratios are pretty flexible and can vary from 1:1 to 1:2.5 and more.

Designed to meet the new needs of the consumer, it differs from any color on the market thanks to an ecological, sustainable, vegan and safe formulation that includes countless innovations.

The line 21 Express 10 minutes is composed by 80 perfectly calibrated, ultra fast, and non-progressive shades, that unleash the power of concentrated pigments in just ten minutes. We have chosen 51 out of 80 color shades on the first test run.

The selected color shades can be seen in this webshop, where the colors are sold separately.

With this purchase, we also offer a technical package for free:

  • Color Chart - 80 Colors
  • Tint Bowl 2 pcs.
  • Tint Brush 2 pcs.
  • Disposable Cape 10 pcs.
  • Coloring Apron 1 pcs.

Hair Color 21 Express 10 minutes  ALLOWS a salon to:

  • Increase technical services by accelerating productivity
  • Perform color and styling in less than an hour 
  • Save 25 minutes at each coloring treatment
  • Cover 100% of white hair
  • Easy application

Taking time for our care is a pleasure that nobody wishes to renounce, but, as we are all caught up with the chaotic daily life, the time we can devote to our self-care is increasingly less. The modern requirements are professional and performing results in the shortest possible time.

Hair Color 21 Express 10 minutes reduces the exposure time by 70% compared to a traditional color.

NOTE. Thick hair can take up to 15 minutes

This is a professional product, that is chemicals, and therefore it is important to have the correct information before you get started.

Belindaoglilli disclaims all responsibility for any adverse events associated with the use of the hair dues.