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Haircut(incl. hair wash & blow-dry) 490.-
Cut the hair ends 340.-
Bangs 100.-
Hair washing and styling with a hairdryer (short hair) 300.-
Hair washing and styling with a hairdryer (shoulder lenght hair) 400.-
Hair washing and styling with a hairdryer (long hair) 500.-


Haircut (incl. hair wash and blow-dry) 400.-
Clippers haircut on the sides of the head (ekskl. hair wash) 300.-
Clippers haircut (only with clippers) 140.-
Haircut & color from 580.-
Permanent curls on top from 750.-
Permanent curls including haircut from 980.-
Keratin for men (only on top) from 1200.-


Children 0-2 years 150.-
Children 2-5 years 250.-
Children 5-13 years 300.-

Color treatment

Regrowth (max 3cm) 550.-
Full head color short hair from 600.-
Full head color shoulder lenght hair from 800.-
Full head color long hair from 900.-
Highlights/Balayage (short hair) 1000.-
Highlights/Balayage (shoulder lenght hair) 1300.-
Highlights/Balayage (long hair) 1600.-
Toner/Hair treatment (only with full head color) 150.-
Extra length/thick hair +200.-

Permanent Threatment

Short hair incl. haircut 1200.-
Medium hair incl. haircut 1400.-
Long hair incl. haircut 1600.-
Bio-permanent extra 200.-

Keratin/Nano Treatments

Short hair incl. haircut 2000.-
Medium hair incl. haircut 2500.-
Long hair incl. haircut 3000.-
Afrohair extra +500.-

Botox Treatment

Short/Medium hair 1000.-
Medium/Long hair 1500.-
incl. color +500.-
Hairdo from 800.-

Brows and Lashes

Brows tweezing 100.-
Brows and lashes tint 100.-
Brows and lashes tint incl. brows tweezing 300.-

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